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“Write about your journey here today”

Marnie Meikle
2 min readSep 1, 2021


A writing exercise — August 31, 2021

It’s about time that I sat down and wrote again. How long has it been? I can’t just keep sitting in this damn green recliner avoiding the computer. I have stories that need to be told. When this seminar appeared on Medium, I told myself that this would be the only way that I could write again. I have writer’s block. I signed up. I added the event to my calendar. I then added it to my note book. I knew that I would have to attend and then of course I knew that I would have to participate because, after all, I am nothing if not compliant. So…here I am.

I am writing.

I am finally letting my fingers hit the keys again.

I am exhaling.

This feels good.

Holy crap, I am about to cry.

What has been holding me back?

There is so much that I want to say. Why have I been ignoring all the weekly prompts that come to me via StoryWorth? I know why!!! It’s hard work. It was a Christmas gift that was supposed to bring happiness. The perfectionist in me wants to research each question, do the gut wrenching, soul searching work to answer each prompt with the authenticity that is needed to leave the story of my life in a neat little book. A book that will be honest and tell the true story of my life. BUT….is that what it is meant to be? Maybe I could simply answer the questions as they are presented and stop trying to analyze each one. Stop digging. Just write. It’s not meant to be painful.

“Keep a memoir of the past to pass on to future generations. Discover things you never knew about your family, and grow closer together.”

Seriously? Do they supply therapy with their online check-out?

So, how did I get here? Here, today? I was tired of sitting on my ass and avoiding what I know needs to be shared. I love writing. I am pretty damn good at it — I’ve been told.

This feels so good. Time to fit it back into my daily routine. Stop hiding from the truth and stop avoiding the accolades. It’s not so bad to share a talent. Afterall, wasn’t that the advice in one of my own stories that I shared not so long ago?



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